Greater Works

What is the “greater works” ?
I love my Bible and I love to read the Word! Now this is a confession; since I have been a Christian for many years, somehow it is easy to just let the eyes just run down the page and just “know” what is in the text. Heard it before, read it before, preach it before! One day I was reading in Matt.4.23-24; I like to call these verses the “Job description of Jesus!”
And you know that His job description was given to you and me too, so what He “went about doing, that is what you and me should be doing also!”

If we do it that is another story, for another time! But thank God for the scripture “no condemnation for he who is in Christ Jesus..etc!”
So when we read this list what Jesus did: Jesus went “about”: to the places, cities and families, people He was led to, teaching, preaching, healing all kinds of sicknesses, all kinds off diseases and He threw out demons!
This is your job description too!!!

What you do when you are “alone” is what you will respond to do when you are with other people.
If you are in a dangerous situation, “do you shout: help Jesus” or who´s name do you call on? If some one is sick, do you pray for them…is it “natural” for you to do so? Facing a difficult situation, do you call upon the spirit of wisdom? I am just asking? Check yourself! SO far so good!

Yes we are challenged by reading “this list”, I mean “hello” it is kind of challenging when Jesus wants “you and me” to step out and do these “wild” things!!! But now read John.14.12: Most Assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and GREATER WORKS than these he will do, because I go to My Father! Jesus are you crazy! What do you mean by this? As if not the first “list” was enough, you had to add to it!! GREATER WORKS! Come on Jesus! How is it possible to do “greater work” that what You did? I was thinking that it was perhaps “great big crusades” like TL Osborn had, or Bonke…millions of people saved in Africa. OR great TV ministries where the gospel is broadcasted to millions of people, and yes that IS great work…but I think it has to be more to it!

The greater Works that Jesus is talking about was given a time-frame; after Jesus went to heaven!
So what happened when Jesus went to be with the Father? First thing that happened; a person could be saved! First time in history that a persons spirit could be born again.

The second thing; was the fact that The Holy Spirit came as “a mighty” rushing wind. He was in a hurry, because He wanted to be a helper and guide for all the people that was saved.

The third thing that happened, was that it was the birth of the church! There had not existed a local or universal church until Jesus went home to be with His Father. Jesus said in Matt. 16.18: “I will build My church!”

Are you upset to hear this…? Did you think otherwise about the “greater works”? I am actually truly happy! Let us get people saved, filled with The Holy Spirit and let us focus on building Spirit Filled Churches everywhere! We can not afford to lose that battle for our cities and nations!
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To build a strong church

Jesus said in Matt.16.18: “I will build My church!” This is important to Jesus, so it is important to us. We want to build strong spirit filled community churches, with faithful people that “hold and secure the ground” for the Kingdom. We hold great respect for what God has said He will build!

We believe in the fivefold ministry gifts Eph.4.11” for the equipping of the saints, for the work of the ministry and edifying of the people of God.” We welcome and encourage the Gifts to be released in the net work of churches we oversee for the strengthening of the local church.

Let us join hands and get the job done!

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Pastor Jean Claude

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Pastor Christian, Pastor Anita and Pastor Jean Claude

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Turid Zimmerman, Elise Nystrand, Sara Nystrand, Olaug Haukaas, Pastor Anita and Trudi Velde

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Pastor Anita together with Marie France



“I am fed up, I can not take it anymore!” I exclaimed to my husband as we were driving from church. My two daughters back in the car looked at me with big eyes. I was in such a mess emotionally and let the anger take the “best off me!”
“ I am finished!” I said! “I need to get out off that church or I will die!”
To tell you the truth, that is not the way you should feel after being in your home church after service!
“I am trough playing church!” As I exhaled these words, little did I realize that would become my prayer for the next months!

I was invited to come to a country in Africa to be a part of a program they had, teachings in the morning hours and crusade in the evening time. I had agreed to go, and I had made that promise, so I felt that I could not really get out off that commitment.
During that time God spoke to me through different thing that I saw and experienced. I saw some awesome healings! I saw the power of God touch people and they were changed by the grace of God, crying and weeping in His presence.
Just to give you a small part of this picture, I met a lady that had been married to a Muslim man, an imam, she was on her death bed, but Jesus came into her room and she was saved and healed! How awesome is that!!!
Our host guided me down in to the slum area, where the word “hopelessness” became more real than the word itself can describe.
My heart was outside my body, raw and bleeding for the people I met at that place. As I looked into these faces, I saw the pain of the human race; the devastation of the “work of the devil” was written on each one of them.
I felt totally humiliated and crushed to the core of my existence as I cried to God to help in the situation. All the faces was turned to me, they expected something from me! I was asked to preach to them and in my heart I cried out to my Father; “ I don’t have anything to give, I am empty!
“ The Lord answered softly in my heart; “just give them Me, because I am full!”
I took a deep breath and I gave them Jesus, pure, simple and real, and just as My Father promised He came to take care of the rest!
A young woman receive her hearing!
That was the first miracle that God did in that place! Now I was surrounded by screaming people who wanted their need to be met! I was as shocked as them! I prayed, I cried, I emptied out myself until the people in charge had to drag me from the meeting. On our way back to our next appointment, I said to God: “this is what I want to do with the rest of my life!” “This is ministry to me!”
I felt like God had taken me on this journey to take me into the real journey He wanted me to set out on.
Returning to Norway and the normal life felt so unreal and somehow superficial to me. I knew my husband was to leave in few days to Brazil for some business, and I asked him if it was possible for me to go with him.
I rejoiced when I received my ticket and knew I would spend time with My Father seeking Him and the next step of what He wanted me to do.

In Brazil in April 2006 is where my life changed to never be the same ever again. It started out with a normal routine of having breakfast with G and then reading and praying the rest off the day, until he came back to the hotel. I either stayed in the room or on the beach, which is a beautiful place to be when wanting to relax and calm down from stress of life. Every day I would eat the sweetest fruits and drink the most excellent coffee while I was preaching to G the “nectar” off what I read in the Word of God. As the days passed by, strange tings started to happen, it was like the people and our surroundings were “drawn to us like a magnet”. It was like an invisible sound or frequency was sounding and it was heard in the spirit world.

I felt God spoke to me with such clarity three words, they started to kind off “ring” in my spirit: to include, to build and to do mission.
I wrote the words down in my notebook, and I started to pray for God to give me the revelation of what He wanted me to understand.
I showed the words to my husband and being trained in marketing he said to me: “yes these are nice words, I think that looks like something we could work with!”
I smiled at him, happy for the answer, but still not jet satisfied!

I went hard in prayer seeking God and told Him: “you need to talk to me clear and straight forward, because if not I am afraid I will loose it, I don’t think I understand what You are telling me here God!”
Days passed by, I was travailing in prayer, and it was not until the very last day off our stay that something happened and I got the answer I was seeking.

Sometimes you don’t have to be a “prophet” to know that there is something that is not right with other people. Some carry their sorrow on them like an invisible jacket. And the skin in the face that supposed to be “kissed by the sun” is grey and dull. This was the face of the lawyer that G was working together with.
He came to pick us to drive to an apartment closer to the airport since we were going home the very next day.
I asked him straight forward like a real Viking woman: “ How are you doing, are you ok because to me you don’t look like you are ok?”
As we packed the suitcases into the car it became evident that I needed to have some of our luggage in the back seat together with me. As we started our drive, he told us that he had just received a very sad phone call from him mom that lived in America. She had told him that cancer had relapsed and it was stage 3 cancer already.
The doctors had given her a rapport that gave her limited time to get her “things” in order. The young man explained with tears in his eyes!
Suddenly I heard myself say: “ We believe in a big God that can heal, we will pray for your mom!” As I was beating myself for being so blunt and so direct, his phone rang, and it was his mom calling him. After he had hung up the phone, and we had listened to that pitiful conversation and I had “come” over myself, I said: “let us pray for your mom right now!”
I was surrounded by luggage, seated in the back of a car, not looking my A-game, but I started to pray in toungs out loud! I did that, as the silence in the car grew thick! I suddenly felt as the most stupid woman in the world! “What was I thinking? How could I behave like this!”? I finished the prayer and all joined in to say Amen!

The lawyer thanked me after arriving to our destination, and he said he needed to come back to God himself and we had a good talk with him, and prayed for him as well.
Next day is the day of our departure from Brazil, and as a good mother I wanted to go to the mall just to bring back my girls some small gifts. As we entered and we had not been there for a long time, I told my husband to take me back to the apartment. He looked at me, and he understood that something was really happening that was important, because “when does a lady say no to shopping?”
He escorted me home; I went up to the second floor into the bedroom. He had a business meeting and I told him I would go and pray, because I felt so much pain for this “mother with cancer”!

I took the covers in the bed over my head and I started to pray. It was not one of those nice little prayers where you have your makeup intact and you look the same as before you start kind of prayer.
No this was the kind off prayer: make-up running off, with sweat, with snot, with messy hair…crying to the brink of not breathing kind of prayer.
I was interceding for this woman and praying in toungs. I hid under the blanket so no one should hear me or be calling the police telling them that there is this “battered woman crying up there in the apartment!”
Suddenly, as I was praying, I was in a vision!
It surprised me and startled me at first, but I continued to pray in tongues! And I saw a man sitting in front off me maybe 2 meters from me. I continued to pray as I looked at him. He was holding in his hand something that looked to me as bones and stones of some kind. He was mumbling, throwing them back and forth in his hands, pointing towards something that I perceived as the map of America. In my spirit I knew that he was cursing the lady I was praying for. So I prayed with more intensity!
Then suddenly he stopped with what he was doing and he turned his face towards me and looked me straight into the eyes. Our eyes met and it was no doubt that he could see me; I got a bit scared at first because it was so real! He said: “oh is it you who are coming against me!”
I answered him and I said: “Yes it is me, and I am coming against you In The Name of Jesus!” “Stop what you are doing!”
I felt a bit intimidated because I had never experienced anything like this before! So I hurried up and said to him: “ By the way if you try something evil against me, just remember that I will have plenty off time to pray!”
Then this part of the vision was over.
The next thing that happened, I was taken into another vision.
I saw myself standing on a beautiful beach. I saw the beach promenade, the sea, the sky and I could feel the warm breeze on my skin. I even smelled the different smells that were present there, the saltiness from the sea that the air carried like a perfume. The different restaurants cooking meals…coffee…lotion…but nothing of that mattered to me.

What mattered to me were the four men that I saw were walking towards me. My whole attention and every fiber of my being was on alert! I looked and looked again, could it be possible!? I saw Jesus walking towards me with three of his disciples. It was like everything in the natural world was disappearing and I could only see Jesus.
I knew it was Him, because my spirit recognized Him. He turned his head towards me, because He was walking and talking with His company.
His eyes locked into mine, the way you know that someone is looking straight into your eyes and deep into your soul!
In that split second I knew that I was looking into the eyes of Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end! That scripture came from above some place, I felt it on top of my head and it was running from inside my head until it reaches somewhere in my chest and there it exploded in my heart! I felt my heart melt like wax as I stared into His eyes, and I realized that everything I had read in the Bible about His love, compassion, kindness and willingness to be sacrificed for me was true! I was not able to comprehend all the emotions that were running trough my heart and soul! I looked into the eyes of my Master, my beloved Jesus! I started to shout; “Jesus , Jesus Jesus I want to come to you and be with you too!”
He smiled to me and waived me to come closer:” come” He said!
I was running towards them!
You know there is a scripture that say “we know each other by the spirit!” It is true! I looked at the disciples and I knew who they were before Jesus started to introduce me to them.
He said: “ you will learn from them in your ministry!”
Jesus said: “the first word I gave you was “to include”!” He put His hand on the disciple that was closest and He said: “This is John, the disciple of love, learn from Him in your ministry!”

Then He moved a little and put His hand on the next one. He said: “the second word I gave you was “to build!” This is Peter whom I say in in my Word: “on this rock I will build My Church, learn from him in your ministry.

So now we came to the last disciple, and Jesus said to me: “the last word I gave you was “to do missions. This is Paul, he represents doctrine and mission in My Word, learn from Him in your ministry.”

I was sobbing quietly the whole time as Jesus talked. I felt the intensity in every statement, and it burned in my heart!
Now I could sense that Jesus wanted to walk again, but I said to Him: “Please Jesus don’t go, I want to hear more! “
I knelt down at His feet! It seemed like a totally natural thing to do. I held my hands around His feet, I saw my tears drop onto His feet, on the top of His feet rolling down. I was crying for real now!
I could feel Jesus hand on the top of my head, it was heavy, but at the same time a gentle touch. He held His hand there and He said: “The thing you did in the car yesterday was correct!” And then He said; “teach my people about the authority in My Name!”

Then I came from the vision, right back to the bedroom and I found myself in the bed. I had such sense of the presence of the Lord that I was drunk in that glory.
I could hear the footsteps of someone up the stairs. It was G that came, he opened the door and stopped immediately with these words coming out of his lips: “what has happened here?” He said this later; that the anointing was so thick as he entered, like walking into something.
I asked him to give me some paper and a pen, because I wanted to write everything down immediately!
I shard the vision with G, we held hands, we cried and we knew we could never go back to life as it had been before!
G said to me: “God gave you this vision, but I take it and it is mine too!”
The whole day this glory or anointing stayed heavy on us, so everybody that we interacted with noticed it.
We left Brazil with a powerful vision from God, with a powerful meeting with Jesus and full of The Holy Spirit!!!
We came back to Norway ready to start the work.

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